We are pleased to introduce our esteemed EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company SOLAR FIRST ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED, established in 2013. We are the business associates of TATA POWER SOLAR , HONEYWELL and EMMVEE SOLAR for Punjab and Chandigarh. TATA Power Solar Limited, a 100% subsidiary of TATA Power Ltd, is the largest solar power company in India and on other side Emmvee Solar and Honeywell are the leading brand in Solar wpolomne asianbridewear.com Water Heating System. Our company is dealing in Solar Power Plant, Solar Water Heating System and Solar Street Lights.

Our aim is to develop and propagate the use of Solar Energy to produce energy for daily use and creating a clean environment with the use of renewable energy.


The success of company will be founded in its unflinching commitments to 6 core values:-

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Quality Products & Services 

Customer Satisfaction

Timely delivery

Easy Installation And maintaince

Cost Effective Products

Dedicated team of Experts





• The solar power generated in excess of the owner’s electricity consumption is fed into the grid through a bi-directional energy meter capable of registering both import and export of electricity.
• Surplus power exported by the SPV Generator to PSPCL will be banked & set-off in the Settlement Period October to September.
• A popular model for residential home owners, where turnkey installers lease the solar rooftop systems to individual owners who, in turn, pay them a monthly lease rental.
• PSPCL will take energy meter readings for import/drawl and export/injection of power and generate the bill.
• The consumer will be issued Energy Account Statement along with the bill for charges other than sale of power i.e. meter rentals, service charges etc., and banked energy will be carried forward for accounting in the next billing cycle.
• Electricity duty shall be levied on the billed amount after adjustment of units under net metering.
• The rooftop solar system under net metering arrangement, whether self-owned or third party owned, shall be exempted from banking charges and losses, cross subsidy and additional surcharge etc. Open Access Regulations will not be applicable on such plants.

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